The Examined Life

Realised it’s been a month since my last post. Been so busy recently I’ve been giving up some of my passions – writing, reading a good book. Ah, I miss being passionate about a book. Been having working lunches for the past two weeks in that even the one hour that I could study Nihongo has been taken away from me. 

I could go on and blame the person who’s behind this busyness. But no I shouldn’t. He probably is also in hot water because he left (for vacation!) at a very crucial time. 

So I just have to count the blessings and look at the positive side of things. That Hubs has been very supportive of my schedule and knows when I’m on short fuse. That Yui is such a sweet darling, that she is. That I could recommend ways that paved for huge cost savings. That (hopefully) my efforts will reach far. I can only hope and pray. 

6th for A&M

Today was laid back and nice; the weather beautiful and perfect for walking around after Church. Perfect for reflections and thanksgiving, most specially since Yui didn’t throw any tantrum and was such a big sport at the museum – totally had her voice down the whole time! 

But what really touched me was how Yui highlighted our anniversary day, twice today. 

We walked by a billboard with a woman on a wedding dress and her man looking at her. Yui stopped and exclaimed excitedly that “Mommy also wore the same beautiful dress and Daddy was the Prince! And then you both danced!”

Later, while we were sitting and waiting for the bus, Yui, seated between us, gathered both our heads together and exclaimed happily, “Mommy, Daddy, happily ever after ne! Yui wa, dou ka na; mada ka na (how about Yui; maybe it’s not yet my time)”. That last sentence she uttered with a sigh. 

There’s much to be thankful for. But we are most thankful for you, dear Yui, for the person that you are. Little still, yet big of heart. 

life with a kindergartener: otouban


For the new school year this April, your head teacher asked your class to draw your own portraits to be posted on your "Leader of the day" board.  And you drew this. It's beautiful. You drew a child who looks happy, benevolent and smart. Proud of you, baby.  … {Continue reading…}

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Daycare Year 4


My secret wish has been granted. We have our favourite sensei as your head teacher for this year (さくら組)! Happy! She was one of your head teachers too during Year 2, and you bloomed then. I pray you'll have a great year of fun in learning about life and love with young Sakura gumi classmates under the tutelage of your redoubtable head teacher.  We are excited for you! We love you.  … {Continue reading…}

life with a kindergartener: moving up day

You'll be moving to your new, upper grade classroom tomorrow so I've been looking for your "Oh, the Places You'll Go" book for an hour but to no avail. Looked for it on your bookshelf, on my bookshelf, in daddy's library, in our bedroom's book nook. It's nowhere to be found.  Thankfully we technically still have a week for our yearly tradition since your class will still be with your previous head teacher for this week and your moving up ceremony is still this Thursday. But I still … {Continue reading…}

life with a kindergartener: the T-Rex and its digits 


We've been arguing for weeks now about this particular issue. You against me & your Dad. But you just won't relent. In fact, you've grown more vehement in your belief that you were right. That it is an indisputable fact that the T-Rex has only two digits on its fore limbs. Your Dad and I insist it had three.  At one point, Gon the dinosaur was even involved in our discussion as we (Me and your Dad), suggested Gon is a T-Rex. And with this, you passionately told us this is not … {Continue reading…}