Yui’s cartoon strips: exasperated lion

You were writing a letter to one of our kid friends and you told me you wanted to draw an exasperated lion on one of the letters; one of your previous letters got lost in the mail and you wanted to express your exasperation. My imagination could not procure an image of an exasperated lion and hence I discouraged you from drawing it as it was difficult. You insisted. Knowing the state of determination you’re in, I said go ahead and left you to look for stickers to seal your letters. Less than three minutes after, you called me. And was speechless to see your exasperated lion, my wonderful daughter.

Hatsuhinode 2019

Welcome beautiful 2019!!

I usually do the countdown and the cleaning thereafter. So never, in my entire life, have I tried to catch the first sunrise of the year.

Hence I was surprised with the well of emotions I felt, seeing the beautiful orange rays of the sun shining through dark, ominous clouds. Suffice to say I was moved to tears.

Thank you, Lord, for this beauty and for this new year!


Didn’t have any difficulty waking Yui up and from making her walk for thirty minutes so early in the morning. She was so excited! Grateful for this beautiful start of the year, and with good friends at that too!

Waiting by Kevin Henkes


This award-winning book was the first English book that you were able to read by yourself. How you giggled when you realised you could actually figure out the words by yourself. And of course I was proud, your sole main contact with English. I could not take credit with your Hiragana and katakana because your daycare teachers helped you with it. But the English......proud of you babyiii … {Continue reading…}

Baptism anniversary

It's been exactly 6 years since you were baptised. We were looking at your photos earlier, the ones posted on Facebook and you yourself were giggling at your chubbiness and was laughing how in all your photos you seem to be only either asleep or drinking milk. You were looking for your photo of the actual baptism, when the Priest poured the Holy water on your head. You then kept on asking "why" when I answered it was not posted and was in our computer. I remembered only now why we didn't post … {Continue reading…}

a chance meet-up with kindreds

Today was our Church's Coffee Social for the month. Mass finished at 10:30, our practice for the Nine Lessons at The Christ Church (Anglican) is at 11; but I queued for coffee and cakes so Yui could have a couple of cakes and have some snacks to fuel her up while waiting for me finish our choir practice. I ended up eating 90% of the cakes (my planned diet tossed over the bin again) as little girl was having fun running around. But I didn't mind, because I was inspired while eating the cakes. I … {Continue reading…}

Yui’s cartoon strips: Super Yui


Super Yui catches a thief. Her secret to her superpowers: ketchup. Ergo, the hat. Dragon Patrol Police helps her in protecting the city. … {Continue reading…}