Life with a Kindergartener: Hello Work

For an hour my 5-year-long wish came true – to be a teacher at your daycare.

Your daycare has this program on introducing parents’ work to senior class. I inquired about it and so principal took the chance to ask if I could present something about my mother country. Told her I agree with her idea but that aside from that, I will also teach them some songs and introduce them to STEM.

IT-WAS-DIFFICULT to simplify engineering to kindergarten level. But at least your class was squealing and giggling during our experiment when we mixed the vinegar and baking soda and CO2 bubbles formed. The food colouring we added made it more fun.

You were also beside yourself with giddiness by the mere fact that I am your class’ teacher for the afternoon. You wanted to hug and cuddle me. I am touched to see how proud you are of me. Thank you.

But I am so much more proud of you because you confidently got in front and taught your friends the song “Under the spreading chestnut tree”.

Keep it up, baby. :)


Our effort bore fruit. The principal, teachers, my beloved mentor at office, parents all said we did a great job/ we were “subarishii”. That we took the challenge of being the first ever to do this Hello Work activity in the entire daycare history; despite me being a none-Japanese speaker. Thank you Lord, for the inspiration.

our first Hanabi-by-the-park

”Twas full moon.

You insisted on being traditional and wanted to wear your yukata. And because I was worried your sleeves would pose a hazard, I decided not to hold a sparkler but hold the igniter instead, to light up your sparklers and then keep watch. It was good to see you ecstatic about our hanabi.

baby diaries: you really are my daughter

Apart from our shared dislike with peach, I learned recently that you have some traits that seemed to be a mirror of mine. I bought you some new leggings and you pointed out that somebody-chan at daycare have a blouse with the same print as your leggings. I used to remember what somebody (at the office) wore at which day. Then today, when you were playing with a branch and you called it えだ, I asked you what is it in English. You tilted your head sideways and said, "it starts with a "b"". This … {Continue reading…}

beautiful sunset


Today's sky was just so beautiful I was dazzled as I was walking hurriedly from the office to pick up Yui. The photos I took from my iPhone just couldn't quite capture the beauty. Below are unedited, yes. … {Continue reading…}

baby diaries: mighty proud of you

When I picked you up this evening at daycare, there was only you and a younger boy left in your teachers' care. That's quite an improvement since the whole week, I was late in picking you up and you were the only one left. But I digress. We were getting ready to leave and about to go down the ground floor when the Mom of the younger boy came; carrying her second born on her right arm, and holding daycare bags on the other arm. I recognised she was loaded and I commiserated since I perfectly … {Continue reading…}

baby diaries: Remember Me


Coco debuted in Japan almost six months late. But I'd say that for us, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. We watched it a week after we bought your first guitar; guitar which have been designed after Hector's guitar in the movie. We watched it the day after we said our last goodbyes to Hiojiichan. And I could only guess that it was because of Hiojiichan that you cried during the touching scenes of the movie. At first you tried to resist; at one point I could see you frowning, fighting … {Continue reading…}