Baptism anniversary

It’s been exactly 6 years since you were baptised. We were looking at your photos earlier, the ones posted on Facebook and you yourself were giggling at your chubbiness and was laughing how in all your photos you seem to be only either asleep or drinking milk. You were looking for your photo of the actual baptism, when the Priest poured the Holy water on your head. You then kept on asking “why” when I answered it was not posted and was in our computer. I remembered only now why we didn’t post it; because a friend took the photos and the ones I posted were only the ones from my camera.

Anyways. You seem to be almost always asleep that day. But another remarkable thing happened that day too. After your baptism, we had coffee with your Ninang Maj. And in that cafe, you smiled for the first time, to someone other than me or your Dad. And yes, it was to your Ninang. We were so surprised and happy we laughed hard; which got your surprised too.

Today, 6 years after, we had a milestone too. Today, for the first time, you sat away from me (just a pew behind me, nevertheless) and yet behaved and stayed seated for the whole hour. You sang with the choir, and you passed around the offertory basket and laid it at the altar. I was very proud of you and told you of it again and again.

My baby, how much you’ve grown and I am ever thankful to the Lord.

a chance meet-up with kindreds

Today was our Church’s Coffee Social for the month. Mass finished at 10:30, our practice for the Nine Lessons at The Christ Church (Anglican) is at 11; but I queued for coffee and cakes so Yui could have a couple of cakes and have some snacks to fuel her up while waiting for me finish our choir practice.

I ended up eating 90% of the cakes (my planned diet tossed over the bin again) as little girl was having fun running around.

But I didn’t mind, because I was inspired while eating the cakes. I happened to share the table with a visiting couple from the US – a Filipina wife and a Japanese husband. The wife introduced herself and held out her hand to me first. I liked her even before she extended her hand (because of a sugar episode earlier while queueing).

We’ve talked for but 15 minutes. But I already loved the wife’s humour and nonchalance and elegance. The husband; he has twinkling eyes, a distinguished gentleman. A happy and contented face. They called each other “Hon”. And they already have grandchildren.

Our conversation was only 15 minutes. But it was more than enough for them to inspire me. To be infected with their positive aura. Certainly more than enough time for me to wish that I hope, someday, I’ll inspire in the same way, a young couple.

Yui’s cartoon strips: Super Yui


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rubber plant #2


In the last six months, I have been very passionate about indoor plants. Oh the joy of seeing a new leaf starting to grow....! My family has already gotten used to the site of me sitting/standing in front of a plant, looking for new growth. They've also gotten used to me crying out excitedly/calling them to come and see the wonderful sight of new growth. But there has been a lot of fails; and it's so heartbreaking, seeing them die and shrivel by the day. Yui named her Ribbon. She's had three … {Continue reading…}

my little nonconformist


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Ribboned Pumpkin


After choir practice, we happened to pass by a flower shop selling Halloween pumpkins. We never decorate for Halloween but on this one, we couldn't say no to you. You couldn't wait to get home because the florist gave you some stickers to decorate your pumpkins as well. You got six "faces" for free even when we only bought three pumpkins. I love the fact that you did not stick to the set faces and that you mixed and matched according to what suited you. But my favourite part is how you … {Continue reading…}