Yui’s cartoon strips: Uchi Mo

I had a drinking party today with mommies of Yui’s batch at daycare. It was all in Japanese but I had great fun. Of course we shared our kids’ woes and fun experiences with their new life at grade school.

I got home and saw this on the table. I laughed at “Uchi mo”. It literally means “me too”, which was exactly what happened a lot of times, this evening.

life with a grade schooler: Anger reared from your head

You’ve been fervently packing your dolls this evening. Tomorrow’s a school holiday so you’ll be spending most of your time at your after-school school. Which means you can bring anything you want. And hence you’ve been packing your dolls so you could play with your new friend.

Then you told me how a boy was teasing your new friend and was making fun of her name. You then told me how anger reared from inside your head. And that you scolded the boy for his bad behaviour. Yes, he was older than you, but it didn’t deter you from giving him a piece of your mind.

So proud of you, my little warrior. I can only pray you’ll always be safe.

life with a grade schooler: Keeping them all in my heart

You found a cd and asked me what it was. Told you inside was a copy of all the slide presentations during your graduation. I then asked you if you'd like to see them as Tito JM already had it converted to one that's accessible online. You: it's ok. I'm keeping all the memories of my friends at daycare inside my heart. Wow, my baby. … {Continue reading…}

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This evening, you asked me again to read this English book to you. I wanted you to sleep earlier but since you can also read along (and hence improve your English) I obliged. This last page tells about how Goldilocks woke up to find the Bear family staring down at her. And how she jumped out of bed and ran away in panic. Yui: (that thoughtful expression on her face) Because she ran away in panic, did she eventually get lost? In panic, she could have had taken a different, and unfamiliar road. … {Continue reading…}

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 小学校1年入学式


As preps for your grade school life, we've been to your school three times before today's 入学式 /Entrance Ceremony. And I must admit all those three visits have been less than ideal; what with many issues to resolve and many confusing things to sort out. But today, today was very nice. Beautiful weather. We weren't late. We weren't confused. Everything was orderly. Everything went really nice. There were things we didn't know, they were a lot. But we sorted them out with beaming faces and hopeful … {Continue reading…}

The Day’s Kudos


I am proud of the schools I've been to. They're not internationally well known nor have they churned out numbers of Nobel Laureates. But they are the best in my hometown and hence home the crème de la crème in my region. Working, however, for an international and multinational company can make you doubt your capabilities from time to time. It's one thing to work with people who come from world-renowned universities with patent-holding alumni, and have the likes of Quantum Physics for Masters … {Continue reading…}